There seems to be a lot of misconceptions surrounding the female orgasm, making many people feel as though it needs to be kept secret. Some men may even believe that it is a myth because there is so much mystery surrounding it!

However, we women know that this isn’t true. There are a lot of reports that claim only a small percentage of women actually experience orgasm during sex, but that does not mean that it isn’t possible for everyone.

Can I Orgasm?

It is common for many women to believe that they simply do not have the capability to orgasm during sexual acts.
This is a tragic fact of life, as all women have the ability to reach orgasm and experience amazing pleasure during sex but we don’t think we can. The reason why people believe that women cannot orgasm is that it is harder for us to do so.

Unlike men, it takes a bit more for women to become fully aroused and reaching orgasm is just the same. Women need constant stimulation, and it typically takes more than just being penetrated for us to climax.

Essentially, if you want to please a woman, you have to be willing to put the work in.
Because it can take a lot of work, too many women are having unsatisfactory sex as they believe that they cannot do better. Either they or their partners are not willing to experiment and put work into helping her reach orgasm.

Both women and men could greatly benefit from a little more education and determination. It is possible for you to feel amazing in the bedroom, you just need to be willing to let yourself get there and be confident enough to tell your partner what you want.

Can Loose Vaginas Effect Sex?

One of the biggest causes of sexual issues is a lack of confidence. Many women feel insecure about their bodies, and one of the biggest issues is a loose vagina.

Having a loose vagina is a totally natural occurrence that can cause issues in the bedroom. After menopause, childbirth or even just through aging the vaginal muscles become weak and cause the vagina to become weak.

A loose vagina can be tightened again through natural means, like a change in diet and V-Tight gel. Although it can impact sensation and grip during sex, women with a loose vagina can still experience orgasm and deserve to feel pleasure in the bedroom.

The Three Best Sex Positions For Women

In order to experience better pleasure and reach your climax, you need to experiment and be willing to try something new.
There are a lot of different sexual positions that you can try depending on your tastes, but here are the three most popular for women:

• Pillow Talk
Most couples have sex in one position – missionary.  Although this may work for a lot of people after a while women are going to get bored and find themselves thinking about other things during sex.

If you are not fully involved, then you are not going to be able to reach your climax.
Luckily it is easy to spice up the missionary and make it exciting for both parties once more. Simply bring a pillow into the bedroom and use it underneath your glutes or backside.
Choose a full pillow that will give you more height and allow your body to rise up. Using a pillow not only makes sex more comfortable, so you are willing to go for longer, but also allows your partner, to go deeper into you due to the angle your body is in.

• Folding Chair
The folding chair is another way to spice up the missionary position and requires you to move your legs.

During sex, keep your legs straight and stiff as you place them on your partner’s shoulders. This position will mean that your body will look like a folding chair during sex, especially when you are both moving together.

This position can be taken even further so your feet will be above your head, giving your partner more room to go deeper. It is also possible to stimulate the clitoris from this position, which is certain to help you reach your climax during sex.

• Cowgirl
If you find that you have issues during sex, then perhaps it  is time for you to take control. For men, nothing is more irresistible than a woman who knows what she wants and is in control so he will have no issues with you trying this position.

To do this position, climb on top of your partner and move your body up and down on them in submission. With time, you will get the best rhythm that will please both of you.
It is normal for you to want to lean forward in this position, to be closer to your partner and to give you more balance, but you should try to sit straight and keep your back perpendicular for a deeper thrust each time.

Sitting up straight also gives you access to your clitoris, which needs to be stimulated in order for you to reach orgasm.

Most women find it easier to climax through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration alone. This position is great for giving you both.

How To Have Better Sex

As a woman, you deserve to have good sex. No matter how old you are, it is possible for you to feel pleasure and reach orgasm
If you find that you have issues in the bedroom, then you should try experimenting with different positions. With a little time and practice – which won’t bring any complaints! – you can reach your climax and have better sex.

When trying new positions, it is important that you use a lubricant like Amaira Tightening Gel to make the process easier. Applying Amaira Tightening Gel or V-Tight Gel before sex will make your vagina feel tighter and provide natural moisture, making it easier for your partner to glide into you.