Okay, so we can all be accused of pulling a bit of a face at reading this title. But what is the term “Dead Vagina Syndrome” actually referring to? Apparently, it is now and ever increasing in popularity that women are favoring a plastic and vibrating kind of lover more than the real thing. It seems safer for women, they can choose when they participate on their terms only, and their plastic friend is always ready to spring into action. Better still, Mr. Silicone will always keep going until you are happy…unlike a lot of men! But is the syndrome of the dead vagina fact or fiction?

Why Do People Believe in Dead Vagina Syndrome?

The media is commonly the reason we believe things. If we read, hear or see things on the news, we automatically assume them to be true. While we cannot write this article telling you for a fact that some or all of these points are causes of a dead vagina, they will help you to understand the common associations and help you to gain a deeper insight. Believe it or not, the media has painted the picture that the vibrators are the cause of the Dead Vagina Syndrome epidemic currently sweeping the nation. What do you think?

Does Using a Vibrator Too Often Cause Dead Vagina Syndrome?

It seems that the theory begins with a vibrator. An aid frequently found in bedrooms across the world, aiding sexual intercourse and encouraging orgasm. But do you think that if you use a vibrator often that you are unable to naturally respond to the touch, sensation, and stimulation of a physical partner? If this is true, this could impact the physical, psychological and sociological responses that vibrator-using women have.

Is Dead Vagina Syndrome Real?

To be more than honest, we can give you a straight answer to that because we simply do not know. Women using a vibrator multiple times per day may lessen the sensation or even kill off the nerves internally and externally surrounding their clitoris. So this could be a case for a dead vagina because it prevents women in this situation from being able to feel, be aroused and be stimulated from normal levels of foreplay. Or is it just that these women have partners who have high sex drives but are only interested in their own satisfaction. The side effect of a dead vagina through too much use of a vibrator is potentially reducing the tightness of your vagina.

Remove the Negative to Remove the Dead Vagina Syndrome

We know that when something negative is happening, we should get rid of it, remove it from our lives and find a more positive, happier and more effective way to move forward. But in this instance, what do we remove? Do we throw away the seemingly ineffective partner or the vibrator? Realistically, this is a choice you can make. We aren’t telling you to sling your partner, so we suggest that you keep both. But we do think you should reassess your situation. There is always the possibility that Mr. Silicone may be making your harder to please, but there’s no actual scientific proof of this!

Blame the Vibrator?

No! Let’s be realistic here, as much as we would love to find a physical man who is able to perform as well as a vibrator all the time, the likelihood of him being able to and the likelihood of us being able to find him are…slim. We need to remember that technology was created to outdo man, so keep your expectations of the two in very separate categories.

Quality over Quantity

Yes, vibrators can deliver perfect results in a matter of minutes, but you can’t go out for dinner with it. More than the number of times you are brought to orgasm, think of the quality of life, happiness and general pleasure you will gain from having a partner to spend life with. Vibrators are all well and good but who is going to hold your hand, cuddle you on the sofa while you watch a movie or walk along the beach with you at sunset?

Let’s Talk About Vaginoplasty

When considering going under the knife for vaginoplasty, it is so important that you are educated about your choice.

Vaginoplasty is a serious procedure that comes with its own range of advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of vaginoplasty is how it can make women feel. Once you have recovered from the surgery, it is likely that you will feel a boost in your self-esteem and feel much better about yourself.

This may be the only advantage of having vaginoplasty as it comes with a wider range of disadvantages.

One of the biggest disadvantages of having vaginoplasty is the danger of the procedure. Many of the clinics that offer this kind of surgery seem quite shady and do not offer enough information to make us feel safe using them.

Likewise, vaginoplasty is a very painful procedure that can result in you feeling sore for months afterward. It also comes with a range of wellness and health risks, including scarring, nerve damage, and tissue cell adhesion. All of these health risks can impact your sex life and preventing you from having sexual intercourse, which goes against the whole purpose of the surgery.

Vaginoplasty is also incredibly expensive which means that it is not suitable for a lot of women. It is a procedure that can cost thousands of dollars and will ultimately cost you more due to the time off work you need to recover.

Sometimes, women who have undergone vaginoplasty are not even happy with their results and have wasted their time and money.

Eradicate the Dead Vagina

Now we understand the issue of Dead Vagina Syndrome in more detail and weighed up the pros and cons of man Vs. vibrator, let’s see if we can increase your natural libido so that Dead Vagina Syndrome is no more! Here’s what you can do to boost your libido:

  • Have a glass of wine – Wine is not a stimulant, but it will help you to unwind after a long day. This will help you to let your guard down and get you in the mood. A glass of wine can remove any feelings of self-consciousness which will increase the likelihood of mutual orgasm and increase your pleasure. But too much wine will make your sexual experience go from unforgettable to forgotten before it’s even over.
  • Breathing – Sometimes, the idea of having sex with some new or even familiar partner can be a stressful experience. Just remember to breathe, and you will begin to relax.
  • Exercise – Essential for both your physical and emotional well-being is regular participation in exercise. The more in shape you are, the more sexually responsive you will be. We live in a very busy world, but make time for exercising, release those endorphins and sex will be so much better, more appealing and conducive to orgasm.
  • Sugar-free – To increase your sexual libido, reduce the amount of sugar that you intake. Sugar interrupts the way in which natural hormones balance which means that if you can actually be bothered to have sex, the likelihood of you enjoying it, working at it or orgasming are incredibly slim.

Should I Worry About Dead Vagina Syndrome?

No. Dead Vagina Syndrome is natural and normal for many women and should not be something that you worry or panic about. If you think that your stimulation levels to your partner are not functioning in the way they should, then actually it’s probably more likely that you are expecting too much of yourself. Remember there are other factors that reduce libidos, like hormones, tiredness, and stress. It is unlikely to be the result of Dead Vagina Syndrome.

Humans are not machines, and actually, we think that’s a good thing!