It is not unusual for women who have recently given birth to associate themselves with having a loose vagina. Women can try as hard as they like to try and prevent their vagina from becoming loose when they have given birth but alas, it often still occurs.

This has a strongly negative implication on a woman’s self-esteem and impacts many different areas of her life. However, the vagina has not been damaged when it becomes loose, it is actually a very natural process allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal with ease.


The Loose Vagina

Women with a loose vagina are more likely to encounter the following:

  • A loss of sexual interest, desire or arousal
  • Reduced feelings and sensitivities
  • Lack of connection with their partner
  • Seem withdrawn
  • Vulnerability to incontinence
  • Have a strong vaginal odor.

Loose Vagina Implications

There are many different ways in which a woman is affected when her vagina seemingly becomes loose. Some women find the changes to their body very difficult to come to terms with but they are all a very natural part of the process of becoming a mother. Changes to the body and vagina can include changes to the sex life, frequency, and pleasure.

Sometimes to get over the anxiety surrounding sex post-childbirth, women abstain from sex, but actually, this just increases the anxiety levels and creates more tension. Not addressing the issue of the loose vagina will not make the problem go away, it will actually only make the problem worse because not finding a solution to having a loose vagina as quickly as possible will lead to it being too late for any remedy to be effective.

The Vaginoplasty

A large number of women who have either given birth vaginally or have entered menopausal age think that there is only one way to increase the tightness of the vagina. It is a common misconception that a vaginoplasty is the only method that can help a woman with a loose vagina. This is off-putting to many women because it involves recovery times, requires time off work and can be rather costly to undergo.

Due to these factors, a lot of women decide that they should just shut up and put up when it comes to their loose vagina, it is not discussed, and the problem is ignored. This does not have to be the case at all.
The surgical solution, the vaginoplasty, is a reliable way of tightening the vagina either to the way it was before the woman gave birth or even, in some cases, to tighter than a woman’s pre-birth vagina. When considering vaginal surgery, keep in mind that on average the cost of a vaginoplasty is anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 and it is only effective until you have your next baby. Having one vaginoplasty is costly, having a vaginoplasty after every baby becomes extortionate.

With this information, there must be another option for women who require a vaginal tightening aid but cannot afford the cost or the time off work to undergo surgery. So what’s the alternative?

Non-surgical solution

Increasing rapidly in their popularity across the world are natural, plant-based vaginal tightening creams, lotions, and gels. They are loved by so many women from so many diverse backgrounds all looking to eradicate their loose vagina because:

  • They do not have any side effects
  • They work immediately
  • Sexual intercourse can be had within minutes of them being applied
  • They are relatively cheap
  • They can be used every day
  • Sexual pleasure is increased for the woman and her partner as well
  • They are multi-functional because they act as a form of lubrication, too
  • Any previous negative vaginal odor is eradicated.

V Tight Gel

One of the most popular natural methods of tightening the vagina is by using V Tight Gel. It is a 100% plant based product and is super easy to apply. All you need to do is to dispense the correct amount of cream for your vagina which is usually between one and three pumps.

Once the correct amount of cream is on your fingers, gently slide the gel covered fingers inside your vagina and begin to massage the vaginal walls and the area around your vulva. With just a few minutes you will begin to feel a tingling sensation, but this is nothing to be alarmed by.

This is actually a good thing as it is a sign that the tightening gel is being properly absorbed by the muscles in your vaginal walls and is taking full effect. After roughly six to eight minutes after your V Tight Gel application, you are able to have sexual intercourse if you so desire and you will immediately feel that your vagina is tighter than before. Your partner will enjoy the sensations of your tighter vagina, tingling tightening gel and the friction that they both cause.

For continued tightening of the vagina, be sure to use V Tight Gel every day, and you will continue to enjoy the effects.


What’s the Best Way to Tighten the Vagina?

Making the choice between the surgical and the non-surgical vaginal tightening solutions is very much a personal choice. You know your body better than anyone else, and the solution for one woman may not be the right solution for every woman.
V Tight Gel and having a vaginoplasty are both viable solutions.
It may be a good thing for you to try the V Tight Gel before undergoing surgery if you are considering it.

Childbirth is a very natural process, and nothing compares to it. But you want to have a happy and fulfilling home life, work life, and sex life even after you have had a baby. Don’t lose your identity just because you have become a mum and there is absolutely no reason why you should live with a loose vagina having had a baby.

If you would like to find out more information about having a loose vagina, the implications or the vaginal tightening solutions, then your medical professional will be able to listen, advise and help you to find the best solution for you.