Human’s are naturally sexual beings, and this includes women, despite the fact we don’t like to believe it. Both men and women enjoy having sex, and we all deserve to have a good time in the bedroom.

Even though society will say that women aren’t as sexual as men, we know that this isn’t true. But sadly, it is beliefs like this that have caused a lot of women to have unsatisfactory sex and miss out on the pleasure they deserve.

A lot of times, women miss out on pleasure because their partners do not know how to please them.


How To Get A Woman Excited In Bed

It is important that during sex both parties have a good time and are experiencing pleasure.

When trying to get a woman excited in bed, you need to learn how her body works and find out what she likes. With this knowledge, together you can help her reach orgasm, and both of you will enjoy a better sex life.

The most important thing that we need to understand about women’s arousal is how long it can take. Unlike men, women can take a long time to become fully aroused, and they need constant stimulation to help them reach orgasm.

A lot of issues women face during sex is the fact that they cannot let themselves go. For women, the brain is the biggest sexual organ, and they need to be fully stimulated before they can become aroused.

When women are aroused, their vaginas become wide and wet which makes it easy for a penis to enter it. The only way that women can become this way is if they are stimulated mentally and physically.

If you find that you are struggling during foreplay or that you have issues during sex, then you should try using a natural lubricant.

Amaira V-Tight Gel is a natural lubricant that can be used to restore vaginal tightness and moisture to the area making sex feel better for both you and your partner.
It is important that you are both willing to try in the bedroom and allow your woman to take her time when finding her stride. Despite societal claims, women can orgasm, and they can enjoy having sex just as much as men.


Sex Is More Than Just A Physical Act

For men, sex may seem simple and can be narrowed down to a few touches. However, women need a lot more to enjoy the experience.

Most of our attention during sex is on the physical elements, however, this isn’t the be all and end all. The emotional elements can be just as important – especially for women.
Men can become aroused quite quickly and may only require physical touch to climax, but women need both a mental and physical stimulation to reach the same state.

It can be quite easy to mentally stimulate your partner during sex. Many women become very turned on with dirty talk, so take some time to whisper to your partner how much you love her, what you want to do with her and how you are feeling.

Mental stimulation can be done during foreplay and during sexual intercourse to keep the excitement going and allow you both to feel great. Mental stimulation doesn’t just have to be for the woman, men can also benefit from some dirty talk or emotional discussions.
During sex, it can be incredibly exciting to talk about what you are both into and what you both want to do. Communication is key to a good relationship, and it can seriously improve your sex life.

A lot of times, women cannot reach their climax because their partners do not know what to do to get them there. Both parties could benefit from being more open in the bedroom and talking about what they like.

When you know what your partner likes, you should make sure to include this stimulation during sex whenever possible.

Together you can experiment with different positions, acts and foreplay to see what you like and what will make the sex better. If you are going to experiment, make sure that you are using a lubricant like V-Tight Gel as this will make it all easier and feel better.


How Can V-Tight Gel Help?

As women get older, it is possible that they can lose sensation in their vagina which can cause issues in the bedroom.

Not only can having a loose vagina cause a lack of sensation, but many older women experience vaginal dryness which can make sex quite painful. Women need to be fully aroused before having penetrative sex, as this can be quite painful when they are not lubricated.

V-Tight Gel has been specially manufactured to restore vaginal tightness and moisture, making sex feel better for both partners. This gel contains plant extracts that can make the vaginal muscles tight again, giving you more sensation and grip during sex.

Lubricant should be applied before and during sex to make it feel better. Using V-Tight Gel regularly can heighten sensations during sex, make it easier for penetration and keep the vagina tight.

In a lot of cases, women do not enjoy sex because they have low self-esteem. Women with loose vaginas can feel like they are not attractive which affects their sexual performance.

You should make sure you reassure your partner and let her know how attractive she is and how much she means to you. Using V-Tight Gel and seeing the instant results is certain to boost her confidence and make her feel more excited to get naked with you.


Sex should be fun for both partners. Together, you need to take the time to make sure that you are both aroused and excited.

For women, sex is more than just a physical act – although this is certainly a huge part of it. During sex, women need to be stimulated physically and emotionally to become fully aroused.