With each new season comes a wave of new beauty trends that women get excited about. Beauty trends are a great way to experiment with your look and boost your self-esteem. As we have entered a new year, we have seen a range of beauty trends that are hitting the runway.

With so many to choose from, there is certainly going to be something to update every woman’s look.

The Latest Beauty Trends

Like fashion, beauty trends come and go. Now we’re in 2019 there are so many different beauty products, styles, and fashions that you can try to make yourself look and feel better.
If you want to update your look for the new year or the new season, then you should consider:

    • Soft Contouring

Contouring has been a big trend for the past few years and it seems like every post on social media is coated in a thick layer of bronzer. Contouring is the art of molding your face using a combination of light and dark shades to make your face look slimmer.
However, in 2019 the fashions have changed once more. Instead of using a lot of contour powder, the trend is now to be subtle.

Less is more, and this certainly works when we’re talking about contouring. Using more natural shades and less product still gives you the narrower face shape you’re looking for, but without making you look like a clown.

Sometimes too much makeup can make you look older, so this trend is ideal for women in the later stages of life. Make sure you keep your blush light also for a babydoll look.

    • Berry Lipstick

You may think that dark berry-toned lips are only worn during the winter months, but you’d be mistaken. Berry lips, those that are purple or red in tone, can look good on any skin tone and they are the trending color for this year.

There are a lot of different berry-toned lipsticks that can be worn by a variety of different women. In order to find the best one for your needs, you should consider what undertones you want.
Choose colors that have a blue undertone, like most reds, if you want to make your teeth to look white. Dark browns are a very sophisticated color that gives the nineties feel to every makeup look.

    • Soft Eyebrows

It seems that the latest beauty trends are based on being more subtle and natural. After years of women realizing the power they held in their brows, it seems that softer eyebrows are back in style once more.

This trend is great for busy women as it requires less time – you can throw away your eyebrow stencils as they’ll no longer be needed. This trend requires you to accept your natural look, and many are opting for an untamed brow with a little bit of gel.

In some cases, a brow powder can be used to fill in any gaps. Brow powder is very light and can be applied naturally, making your brows appear subtle and sexy.

    • Messy Curls

To go along with the rest of the natural makeup trends, having messy hair is back in style. In a way that is very reminiscent of the 1980s, having textured and uneven hair is the latest trend, and it can make you look really good.

No matter what length or cut of hair you have, gently curling your hair and using sea salt spray will make such a difference.

The point of this trend is to keep your hair messy, almost like you’ve just gotten out of bed or had sex. Your hair should be big, full of volume and textured.

    • Volumized Lashes

With lashes, most women go for a mascara that gives them a lot of length. However, in 2019 it is all about the volume.

Volumized lashes are very sexy and flirtatious. This is the only makeup trend this year that claims the bigger, the better. With your lashes, you want to achieve a look that is very bold and noticeable to bring attention to your eyes.

How To Feel Confident Within Yourself

Beauty trends come and go, which can make it quite tricky to keep up and feel fashionable.

No matter what makeup style you try or how you do your hair, none of it will give the effect you want if you don’t feel confident with yourself.

Having low self-esteem is something that most women have to deal with, and it can affect all parts of your life. A lot of women who feel bad about their bodies do not have a good sex life, as they do not feel confident enough to get naked with a partner.

As well as doing your hair and makeup, you can use certain vaginal products to improve your body confidence.

One area of insecurity for most women is their vaginas. Using V-Tight gel regularly can have such a positive impact on the way your vagina looks and feels.

Having a loose vagina is something most women feel embarrassed about, and it can impact their sex lives. V-Tight Gel is a natural lubricant that has been scientifically proven to restore strength and tightness to the vaginal walls. With regular application, this gel can have a real impact on the shape of your vagina, making you feel better in and out of the bedroom.

Makeup and fashion are fun hobbies for a lot of women, but they are not the be all and end all to beauty or attractiveness. As we can see from the current trends, your natural beauty is something that will always be attractive no matter what the magazines say.

Using makeup or hairstyles to highlight what you already have is a great way to boost your confidence, improve your style and increase self-esteem. This year is all about embracing your natural beauty and style, so hopefully, women across the world will start to realize how amazing they already are!