As a mother-to-be, you have a lot of control about how you want your baby to come into the world. Thankfully, there is not just one option for women anymore, and we can have the choice of whether we want a natural birth or a Caesarean section.

In some cases, one or the other is more appropriate depending on the health of both the mother and baby. Nonetheless, more and more women are choosing what kind of birth they want.

Both a natural birth and caesareans sections come with their own risks and advantages. Your ultimate goal as a mother is to deliver your baby in the best way that will keep them healthy and safe.

Let’s Talk About Natural Births

Natural birth is one that will require little to no medication. It requires a mother to listen to her body and ride the labor through every dilation. The cervix will dilate wide, and the mother will push her child out in order for them to be born.

Advantages Of Natural Births

• The Mothers

The biggest advantages of natural birth for mothers are psychological; at the end of childbirth, you will experience a huge rush of accomplishment. Due to your actions and your body, your baby has been born. Mothers who have a natural birth are also claimed to have a more positive birth experience as they feel empowered.
With natural birth, your partner can get involved too, and the experience can be very bonding for new parents. This is not to say that mothers who have a Caesarean section will also not feel accomplished or close to their partner, but this is more pertinent during natural birth.

Another great advantage of having a natural birth is reduced recovery time. Vaginal childbirth can be very overwhelming for the body and can cause damage, but in most cases, the recovery times for mothers going down this road is significantly shorter than those who underwent a C-section.

This shorter recovery time and lack of surgery can also contribute to a lower hospital bill, and fewer charges after the baby has been born. Of course, no amount of money can cover the safety of yourself or your baby, so this isn’t something you should put too much weight on.

• The Child

Most techniques used during natural birth are non-intrusive, which means there is a reduced risk of harming the baby. Although this is not always the case, having a natural birth can reduce the risk of your baby suffering from certain health conditions like respiratory diseases, lactose intolerance, and asthma.

Disadvantages Of Natural Births

• The Mothers

During a natural birth, there is a risk that the skin and tissue around the vagina will tear or stretch as your baby comes out. If this does occur, there will be a lot of health concerns that you will need to deal with later on.
Depending on how severe the tearing to your vagina is, you may suffer from urinary or bowel incontinence. You may also suffer from lingering pain in between the anus and vagina, as there has been a lot of pressure put on this area.
In most cases, mothers will suffer from a loose vagina after natural childbirth. This is something that can be easily rectified using Amaira V-Tight Gel.

Let’s Talk About Caesarean Sections (C-Section)

Cesarean sections are procedures that require doctors to make an incision into your stomach to manually remove your baby. This kind of birth may be preplanned by the doctor, due to the health of yourself or your baby, or they can be elective.

Advantages Of A C-Section

• The Mother

The main advantage of a Caesarean section that may cause women to choose this type of birth is the fact that you won’t have to suffer a long labor. Cesarean sections are scheduled, meaning you will not have to go through hours of painful labor before giving birth.
Having a Caesarean section also reduces the risk of injury to the pelvic floor and shock that is caused by an excess loss of blood.

• The Child

A C-Section may be the best option for you if you have a large baby or are giving birth to more than one child. This ensures that all babies are being born safely as well as reducing the risk of passing on infections like HIV or other STDs to your baby.

Disadvantages Of A C-Section

• The Mother

As with any major surgeries, there is a range of risks and complications that you need to expect. This includes heart attacks and blood clots. Having a C-Section may also mean that you cannot opt for vaginal childbirth next time.
In some cases, having a C-Section will delay your ability to breastfeed and bond with your baby after birth.

• The Child

Scientific research has proven that there are small risks of your child having respiratory problems when they have been born through a C-Section. These risks are small but still possible.


Which Is Better?

Both a Caesarean section and natural childbirth come with their own range of advantages and disadvantages. As a mother, it is up to you to decide what is best for your baby and this starts at birth.

In some cases, you may not have a choice. Some mothers need a C-section due to their health or the health of their babies. Likewise, if you are having a large baby or are giving birth to more than one child, then a C-Section is safer.

Many new mothers have romantic ideas about having a natural birth. Although this may be possible for a lot of women, do not be disappointed if your birth plan does not go how you want.

The most important thing is that your child is born safely and that both mother and baby are happy and healthy afterward. No matter what kind of birth you choose, you will be required to have a lot of rest time to allow your body to heal.