Vaginas come in a range of different shapes and sizes, like our bodies. Many women feel insecure about their vagina.

It seems as though all women should strive to have a tight vagina, however, those that are naturally blessed with this shape still have insecurities too. Vaginas are quite the taboo subject, and it is very rare that you will hear women openly talking about what they have going on in their pants.

As we are so secretive about the whole subject, most women question whether what they have is ‘normal’ as well as being concerned about how their partners perceive them. There are benefits to both a tight and loose vagina that you may be surprised to learn.


What Causes A Loose Vagina?

A loose vagina is something that many women consider to be an insecurity. Most women start life with a tighter vagina and will experience vaginal looseness as they age or go through certain life events.

Vaginal looseness is something that occurs over time, as the vaginal muscles become weak and are then unable to contract like normal. It can also occur during menopause and after childbirth, as both events are stressful on the vagina and cause the muscles to weaken.

A loose vagina is commonly associated with women who have a lot of sex. However, this is not true. Vaginas are made to be elastic, which means that they can stretch wide to accommodate something going in during sex or a baby coming out during childbirth. Once they have stretched wide, vaginas can contract back into their natural shape.
This is why having a lot of sex or having a particular kind of sex has no impact on the shape or size of your vagina.

Many women have a loose vagina naturally. This is a common occurrence and is something that cannot be controlled. The same way that some women have big breasts or big feet, some women have loose or wide vaginas.

How To Get A Tight Vagina?

It seems that tight vaginas are the preferred shape and one that every woman wants to have. Tight vaginas are considered to be a better feeling and are often associated with young women.

Like a loose vagina is not a sign of having too much sex, a tight vagina does not mean that the woman is a virgin or does not have sex. A tight vagina is often just a woman’s natural shape, and this is likely to change over time.

Women who have a loose vagina look for ways to get a tighter shape to give them more confidence in the bedroom. It is true that women with tighter vaginas can get a better grip during sex, which may feel good for your partner, as well as giving them more sensation.
There are a variety of different ways that women with loose vaginas can tighten their lady garden naturally. Perhaps the safest and best is Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel. This lubricating gel is made from plant extracts like aloe vera and Manjakani extract to restore strength and tightness to the vaginal walls.

Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel can be applied internally to the vaginal walls and will provide an instant tightening effect. This gel will make the vaginal walls contract, making your vagina appear tighter and feel that way too.

With repeated application, as well as daily Kegel workouts and other vaginal exercises, Tightening Gel can make a difference to your vaginal shape.

Tight Vs. Loose Vagina: Which Is Better?

The main reason why women worry about the shape of their vagina is that they are concerned that it will impact their sex life. It is no secret that women care what their partners think about them, and it is this concern that has caused thousands of women to start vaginal tightening treatments.

Although it is true that tight vaginas can get a better grip during sex, which may feel good for your partner and allow you both to experience more sensations, this does not mean that loose vaginas feel bad in comparison.

We all know that penises come in a variety of sizes and we need to accept that vaginas are exactly the same. This knowledge means that depending on the kind of man you are with, the size of the vagina he prefers will differ.

For some men, a tight vagina does not feel good as they have a larger penis. Being too big for your partner can cause issues when in the bedroom, as it makes sex feel painful and becomes stressful. In cases like this, a looser vagina might be preferred.
No matter what size vagina you have, the key to having great sex and feeling good is all in how you use it.


How To Have Good Sex

Regardless of whether you have a loose or tight vagina, there are some things that all women should do to have good sex. The most important thing when having sex is that you feel aroused.

Both loose and tight vaginas stretch to accommodate a penis during sex, and this occurs when we are turned on. In order to have enjoyable sex, women need to be fully aroused which makes them lubricated and wide. 

If you have issues during foreplay and need a little extra hand, then using lubricants like Vaginal Tightening Gel can make all the difference. This lubricating gel restores natural moisture to your vagina making it easier for your partner to glide in.

Lubricant can make sex feel even better for both you and your partner. Loose and tight vaginas can feel good in bed as it depends on what size your partner is.

The key to having good sex is feeling confident within yourself. We know that the biggest sexual organ is the brain, so you need to feel good within yourself before you can feel good with someone else. No matter what shape vagina you have, you need to know that you are good enough.