Carrying a baby inside your belly for nine months can do a lot of crazy things to your body. Many women are prepared for weight gain, stretch marks, and swelling that occurs during pregnancy.

But one area that often gets ignored, despite the fact it may be one of the most important parts, is your vagina and the changes it undergoes when there is a baby in your belly.

Just like the rest of your body, your vagina also goes through a lot during pregnancy. It is totally normal for your vagina to change in a lot of ways during pregnancy, including bleeding, color change and even bruising.

However, it seems as though a lot of women don’t know their own bodies well enough and have not been given the information they need regarding the changes it will undergo. This means that many of us have no idea how our vaginas naturally react to pregnancy and what we should expect.

One of the biggest changes that can occur to your vagina during and after pregnancy is the shape and size.

Vaginal looseness is something that a lot of women experience during pregnancy and after childbirth. This is a natural event that occurs when the vaginal muscles have been overworked.

Vaginal muscles are made to be elastic. They operate in essentially the same way as an elastic band as they can contract wide and relax back into their natural shape. However, during pregnancy, your vagina is put under a lot of pressure that can impact how well these muscles are able to bounce back again.

Childbirth is one of the main causes of vaginal looseness as this is a very stressful event that can cause muscles in the vagina to lose their elasticity.

After giving birth, many women notice that their vagina is not as tight as it once was. This can be quite embarrassing and concerning for a lot of women as they feel as though this makes them look bad and become bad in bed.

Luckily, there are natural treatments to vaginal looseness that can be used during and after pregnancy.

Amaira V-Tight Gel is a natural lubricant that can make a significant difference to the shape, size, and tightness of your vagina. Many women who have given birth have turned to this natural lubricant in order to get some of their old self back.

Amaira Tightening Gel relies on a combination of natural ingredients and plant extracts, such as aloe vera, witch hazel, and Pueraria Mirifica, to strengthen the vaginal muscles. This strengthening of the vaginal muscles makes it easier to contract and relax, resulting in a tighter looking and feeling vagina.

How Will My Vagina Change During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is quite a stressful time for women and their bodies. There is a lot of changes that you have to go through before you can bring life into the world, and although it is all for the greater good, it can be quite uncomfortable to experience.
There are a lot of changes that women expect to happen to their body during pregnancy, such as weight gain, swelling and stretch marks. However, when it comes to the vagina, it seems as though we’re all a bit ignorant.
The vagina is such an important part of pregnancy. Not only is it the body part that got you in this position in the first place, but it is also the part of the body that will bring your child into the world at the end.
With this much pressure, the vagina is going to go through some changes while you’re carrying your baby.
Here are some of the things that happen to your vagina during pregnancy that you probably didn’t know about.

Color Change

During pregnancy, it is totally normal for your vagina to undergo a bit of a color change. For most women the natural color of their vagina is a pink shade, however, during pregnancy, this can turn to a blue or a purple.

This condition is called Chadwick’s Sign and is one of the earliest changes your vagina undergoes when pregnant. If you notice that your vagina has changed color and is now more blue in tone, then it is very likely that you are pregnant.

The color change occurs due to an increase in blood flow in the cervix, which is now needed to house a growing fetus. It may look a little odd and seem shocking at first, but a blue vagina is totally normal when pregnant.

Bleeding And Spotting

Although your period stops when you are pregnant, it is possible for you to still experience spotting from time to time. Spotting in the first trimester is quite common and shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Even though seeing blood in our pants isn’t something that will shock most women, if you are pregnant, you should inform your doctor every time you experience spotting. This allows them to keep track of your process and determine whether the bleeding is a sign of infection or simply something harmless.

Varicose Veins

Our legs are not the only area of our body that can experience varicose veins, unfortunately. During pregnancy, it is possible for your vagina to become vulnerable to bulging purple veins.

In some cases, varicose veins can be quite painful, and this is something that many pregnant women have to face.
Varicose veins are likely to appear during the later months of your pregnancy, with many women reporting them at around month five, and the risk of them appearing increases with each pregnancy.

They will appear just like any other varicose vein you may have, except this time they will be present on the labia and potentially spread to the upper thighs.


When you are pregnant, your body is pushing more blood to the vagina. This increased blood flow can result in your vagina feeling bloated, swollen and heavy.

This will only be a feeling as your vagina is unlikely to appear swollen or bloated. It can be quite uncomfortable but it something most women will experience and shouldn’t cause too much of a concern.


There are a lot of hormones involved in the process of growing a baby, and some of these have negative effects on our body.
Some pregnancy hormones can cause an increase or even overgrowth of the naturally occurring bacterias that are present in the vagina. This increase in bacteria and fungus can result in itching and irritations in the form of yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (BV).

These infections are common occurrences both during, before and after pregnancy but they never get any easier to deal with.
During vaginal infections, it is likely that your discharge will be a grey or yellow color and the whole area will feel incredibly itchy. It is also possible that there will be a strong odor to your vagina as it works out how to remove the infection.
Both yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis can be treated with antibiotics or even some over the counter treatments.

Vaginal Farting/Noises

When trapped air from your vagina gets released, it makes a noise that kind of resembles a fart. It is likely that you have already experienced vaginal farting during sex, as it can occur when trying new positions or when you are fully lubricated.

During pregnancy, vaginal farting seems to occur more often and, although the actual reason remains unclear, it is probably due to the amount of pressure that is being put on this area.

Scent And Taste Change

The pH balance in our vaginas changes dramatically during pregnancy. This fluctuation can cause a difference in the aroma and taste of our vagina.

This change in scent might make you feel insecure or concerned, but unless it is coupled with itching or burning, then there is nothing to worry about. Pregnant women are more sensitive to scents, and this certainly is the case when it comes to their own body.
Chances are, your vagina smells stronger to you than it does your partner so don’t worry too much about it!

How To Ease The Changes

A lot of the changes that occur to our vaginas during pregnancy can make us feel insecure and unlike ourselves. This insecurity steeps into our relationships and makes us feel distant from our partners and potentially uninterested in sex.

If you want to feel a bit more confident about the way your vagina looks, smells and feels while pregnant then you should use a natural lubricant like Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel or V-Tight Gel.
Amaira V-Tight Gel is a natural lubricating gel that relies on clinically proven natural ingredients and plant extracts. This gel works to restore your natural moisture, scent, and shape through the power of nature.

Using this gel will strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles, making your lady area appear more like it’s old self. The natural extracts in Amaira Tightening Gel can work to soothe any irritation that may be present while pregnant, making you feel better.
This gel can be used before, during and after sex to make your vagina look and feel good. This will increase your confidence and hopefully make you feel more like yourself again.


Amaira Ingredients

Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel relies on a range of tried and tested natural extracts that are safe to use on and inside your body.
As they are natural extracts, this gel is safe to use when pregnant. Amaira Gel contains:

– Manjakani Extract

This freshly ground extract has been used in Asain and European cultures for centuries to treat inflammation, weak tissue, hyperpigmentation, and skin diseases. In the Gel this extract helps to restore the strength and tightness in vaginal walls.

– Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used in Amaira Gel to prevent the relapse of vaginal walls, helping maintain a tight appearance for longer. It is a moisturizing compound that can be used as a natural lubricant and provides a suppleness to the skin.

– Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural astringent that causes blood vessels and tissue to shrink and contract. In this Gel, witch hazel can be used to eliminate unpleasant odors, make the vagina appear tighter and even fight infections.

– Pueraria Mirifica

The Pueraria Mirifica in the gel restores youthfulness, tightness and suppleness to the skin. It works to rejuvenate tired or loose skin to make it seem more youthful and attractive. This extract has been used in Asian cultures for decades to fight aging and keep skin looking good.

Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel is a scientifically proven way to tighten the vagina, improve moisture and can even be used to soothe infections. As it relies on natural ingredients and plant extracts, this gel can be used during pregnancy to soothe irritants, improve appearance or aid sexual activity.

Feeling Insecure During Pregnancy

With this much change happening to your body, it is totally natural for you to feel insecure about the way you look and feel now.

Women are very self-critical, and it seems as though our bodies are something that is always going to be criticized. During pregnancy, it seems as though everything has changed.

We are now a different shape and size, making us feel unlike ourselves for a long period of time.

Pregnancy can be an amazing time for women. If you feel insecure about the changes that are occurring in your body while you are pregnant, it is so important that you remember what it is all for.

When you find yourself feeling insecure about your body, belly, and vagina, you should remind yourself that it is these changes that are allowing you to do something amazing and bring a whole new life into the world!

If you do feel as though everything is too much and you are experiencing pain, then you should consider talking to a medical professional, midwife or even counselor.