The Vaginoplasty is a reference used when talking of any method of tightening the vagina.

This can be useful when the vagina feels as if it is less tight after the birth of a child or can occur during the natural process of aging.

Vaginoplasty techniques can include both surgical and non-surgical methods and vary in their success rates, life span and financial viability for many women seeking out a route towards a tighter vagina.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty, plastic surgery on the labia can be performed with or without vaginoplasty and is generally done to change the shape of the Labia.


Surgical Vaginoplasty


Through the use of a surgery, the separate muscles located within the vagina are brought closer together as well as any extra skin from the rear of the vagina being removed.

If you are also looking to improve or alter the exterior look of your vagina, you can also have external skin removed to improve the aesthetic.

Before the procedure of vaginoplasty is undertaken, you will have a final meeting with your surgeon and anesthetist. Many women decide to have their vaginoplasty procedures undertaken under local anesthetic though some will require a general anesthetic.

Your surgeon will determine specifically what needs to be done, will go through the prep and will mark out the areas of your vagina where extra skin is to be removed from.

This is done so that the surgeon can determine where the muscles are located in the vagina specifically, as sutures will be added to the skin in these areas to enhance the tightness of your vagina.

Internal tightening always occurs before external, aesthetic procedures are undertaken, so it is towards to end of the operations when any unwanted, unneeded or unsightly exterior protrusions are removed if this is what has been discussed with your surgeon.

Recovering from Vaginoplasty Surgery

If you choose to go down a more invasive approach towards getting a tighter vagina, like all surgical procedures you must be aware of the recovery process, as this is a big sway for many women as to whether they agree to go under the knife at all.

Here’s what you need to know so that you can recover well from your surgery:

• You will require at least seven days if not 14 days of “downtime,” where it is advised that you take things easy, don’t do any strenuous exercise and don’t lift anything too heavy;
• Know that you will feel uncomfortable and have the feeling that there is a rather deep ache within your vagina and the bottom of your stomach for a minimum of at least the first few days post surgery;
• It is advised that you do not participate in sexual activity for eight weeks after you have had a surgical vaginoplasty;
• Tampons are not to be used for two months either;
• There is a chance that you could be advised by your medical professional to use a dilator depending on the degree to which you have had your vagina tightened.

Why do women choose Vaginoplasty surgery?

Many women decide to undergo the knife because they want immediate results. Not only does a surgical approach to a vaginoplasty tighten the canal of the vagina.

Another significant reason for women to undergo vaginal surgery is because surgical vaginoplasties have been said to improve and enhance the satisfaction, pleasure, and enjoyment obtained when having sexual intercourse.

This, not only benefits the woman but also her partner as well. But what if vaginoplasty is not an option?

Non-surgical Vaginoplasty

If for whatever reason, you do not want to go under the knife, but still require a vaginoplasty, then you could opt for the non-surgical approach.

This involves using Tightening Gels which cleverly works with your body to tighten and strengthen your vagina over a short period of time. This can be helpful for women who have:

  • Incontinence issues.
  • Are lacking in sexual confidence.
  • Feel as if their vagina is loose since giving birth.
  • Are older.
  • Have any form of genetic vagina challenge or are entering the menopause.

What can be used to tighten the Vagina

There is a whole bunch of different treatments and techniques for vaginal rejuvenation. Some of them are far less invasive then others.

Typically, patients that are American who visit gynecologists are recommended to have plastic surgery, often performed in their local area and usually resulting in a positive outcome.

But there are other types of treatment that can be performed and save on the reconstructive cosmetic surgeries and saves you a whole load of risks that come from having your genitals worked on by surgeons. Below is one of the techniques that could work.

Vagina tightening cream could be a way to improve your vagina naturally. Amaira & V Tight Gel are the popular options.


How does Tightening Gel Work?

Tightening Gel quickly tightens the vagina through the use of only natural ingredients sometimes including Manjakani extract, aloe vera, and xantham gum.

These are required to enhance the strength, health, and elasticity of the interior vaginal walls and rebalance hormones.

They have been proven to work and has been clinically tested within FDA licensed facilities so that you can rest assured that you are using a product which is safe for your body, no matter what your skin type.

They generally have no odour and will not cause itching whether used by women or men.

Benefits of Using A Gel

  • Improving, restoring and enhancing the tightness and strength of your vagina.
  • It acts as a natural type of lubrication if and when required.
  • Prevents vaginal dryness when used regularly.
  • Can be used without worry by women with sensitive skin as it should not cause itching, dryness or irritation.
  • It can be used in, on and around the vagina to improve its look and function.
  • Increase the sensations felt within the vagina during sexual intercourse.
  • Enhances the amount of arousal encountered.

After using any form of gel

After you have used the Tightening Gel, there is absolutely nothing that you are advised to stay away from doing. You are able to participate in sexual activities, use tampons and no dilator is necessary. To get the best results from tightening gels, use it every day, and you will begin to see and feel impressive results, as will your partner. Click here to read our full review of the best tightening gel available on the market.

Making the right decision?

Choosing which route to go down can be difficult – this is a big decision! But if you have not already tried using the tightening gel, it is advised that you try this first before undergoing the knife.

Surgery is an enormous decision to make and cannot be reversed, whereas you can try tightening gel first and see what you think without making any irreversible changes to your body.

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