Pain during sexual intercourse can be caused by many different things, though there are some more common causes. Pain can occur when there is not enough lubrication or if a woman is suffering from endometriosis.

When sex is painful, it can and often does, cause a strain on a couple’s relationship. Acknowledging that sex is painful and sourcing a solution together is the best way to move forward. Having painful sex is no one’s fault – it is experienced by thousands of women around the world.

Why Does Sex Hurt?

Many women find sex painful because:
• Their vagina is not lubricated enough for the sliding action to happen without pulling, friction or discomfort;
• They have become too tense, and therefore the muscles in the vagina walls tighten making penetration difficult, uncomfortable, painful and frustrating for both parties.

What does ‘Going Deep’ mean?

‘Going deep’ refers to the length at which the male penis is penetrating the female vagina. ‘Deep’ refers to the distance at which the penis has made entry. The penis can only go as far as the cervix. For some women, when the penis makes contact or repeated contact with the cervix this causes great pain, for others, it gives a sense of heightened pleasure. This is where the line of pain/pleasure is subjective to each and every woman.

How to Prevent Sex from Hurting

When a woman experiences painful sex, it is medically referred to as dyspareunia. This is an umbrella term which refers to a multitude of different reasons as to why a woman may be experiencing pain during intercourse. There are however ways in which she can decrease the pain levels or eradicate them completely. The most common of which is through the use of lubricant. Increasing the levels and time spent on foreplay will relax the woman and increase the amount of lubricant her body makes naturally. At certain ages, this is more of a challenge for a woman’s body, like during and after the menopause. If this is the case, a synthetic lubricant is very effective and will significantly decrease any pain levels which occur during sex.

Amaira Tightening Gel

Amaira Tightening Gel is a natural lubricant which would be useful to any woman who encounters pain when having sex. Created from plants only, it is able to eradicate dryness of the vagina even when a woman is older or has been through the menopause. It is very handy to have around as it is applicable to all skin types and will not be detrimental to male genitalia when it makes contact.

Amaira Gel can be used as part of foreplay and will give you a tingling sensation within minutes which will increase the enjoyment of having sex. It is completely odorless and will not cause any form of itching to either you or your partner.

How to use Amaira Tightening Gel

To reap the benefits of Amaira Tightening Gel and prevent sex from being painful even when he goes deep, you can use this 100% natural lubricant in the following way:
• On to clean hands, dispense the required number of pumps of Amaira Tightening Gel. This can be just one pump for some women or up to three pumps for others;
• Make sure that the gel is on a couple of fingers and then insert these fingers gently inside either yours or your partners’ vagina;
• You can either stimulate yourself by massaging the walls of your vagina with the Amaira Tightening Gel, or you can use this as part of foreplay with your partner, massaging her slowly, carefully and sensually internally and externally too;
• For the best results of this plant-based lubricant, it is advised that penetration does not occur for the first six minutes of the Amaira Tightening Gel being massaged into the vaginal walls and labia. This gives the gel time to work, absorb and for arousal to thoroughly begin.

What is Amaira Tightening Gel?

Amaira Tightening Gel is generally used to help women to strengthen and gain greater control of their vagina. For women who have recently given birth, have entered the menopause or resent having painful sex, this tightening gel is a lifeline and is loved by many women worldwide. Helping women of all ages, body types and skin types, the tightening gel is also a lubricant so enhances the gliding motion and the ease of sex required for it to be as pain-free as possible.

If you are fed up of experiencing painful sex, there is no reason why you should have to put up with it any longer. Order your Amaira Tightening Gel today.


Why Does Deep Sex Hurt?

Deep sex is painful for some women but not all. This can be specific to women with shorter vaginal cavities or for women who have a partner with a longer penis. Women find deep sex painful when the penis makes contact either once or frequently with their cervix. The cervix is the opening of the woman’s uterus and is the maximum point at which a penis can penetrate the vagina.


Does Sex Have To Hurt When He Goes Deep?

In short, no! There are multiple things that you and your partner can do to lessen the pain when having sex and even eradicate it altogether. Here’s our list:
• Make sure that you are sufficiently aroused before penetration occurs as a natural lubricant will make sex easier, make the motion freer and prevent friction build up;
• Experiment with a lubricant like the Amaira Tightening Gel or V Tight Gel to increase your pleasure as a couple;
• Have sex in a relaxed setting and try to remove anything from around you that may make you tense or remind of you of anything stressful. Being stressed causes tension and this makes penetration painful and removes all pleasure from sex;
• Increase your levels of foreplay to increase the arousal and natural levels of lubrication;
• Ask your partner not to penetrate you as deeply so that he is not hitting your cervix, which is most likely the cause of your discomfort.