In 2019, there are a lot of health developments that are being made to aid and improve the lifestyles of women. If you want to live your best life this year, then you should make yourself aware of these new procedures and use them whenever you need.

Being a woman can be hard, and it seems as though many of our health concerns are brushed aside. However, with these new developments and health tips, both patients and doctors can keep women healthy and happy.

• Birth Control

Sex can be very good for your physical and mental health. Not only does having an orgasm make you feel good, but it actually has been proven to reduce stress levels as well as providing a range of health benefits.
However, if you want to have sex safely, then you need to get yourself on some form of birth control. There are now so many different choices for women to make, which is great for those who have certain health conditions or simply don’t want to take a pill every day.
When looking for the best birth control for your needs, you should consider how long it works for, how it is taken and how it may affect your fertility in the future. You should talk to your doctor about birth control and the options you have.
Most forms of birth control will impact your future fertility, but some have more long-term effects than others. Depending on your lifestyle, age and relationship status this may be something you need to consider.

• Family History

Family history has a huge impact on your health and what you may be at risk of. In order to keep yourself healthy and determine what kind of treatments you may need, you should look into your family history.
As a woman, you need to pay attention to any illnesses that have plagued other women in your family. Most women who have a relative who has previously suffered from breast cancer are more at risk of the disease themselves.

• Avoid Excess Calcium

Calcium has long been considered to be a staple for women’s health due to the risk of osteoporosis developing later in life. Calcium is an excellent supplement for women to take as it can result in stronger bones, but too much is a bad thing.
It is possible for women to overdose on calcium supplements, and this can result in some serious health conditions. Too much calcium can actually result in kidney stones, and those who consume too much of it are at a higher risk of developing these.
As with everything else in life, moderation is key when taking calcium for your health.

• More Rest Time

In 2019, everyone is preoccupied with being as busy as possible. However, being restful and getting enough sleep is so important for your health. Adult women require around six to eight hours sleep, so you should make sure you schedule in enough time to get the rest you need.

Getting enough sleep and having plenty of rest time contributes to a lower risk of heart disease and a decreased amount of stress hormones in your body.

• Genetic Testing

Due to the increase in technology that we are experiencing, genetic testing is much easier and cheaper to do. This means that it is more accessible and every woman should take a genetic test to determine what kind of diseases they may be a risk of.
There are a variety of different companies that will use a small sample of your DNA to determine what diseases and genetic illnesses you are more predisposed to. With this information, you and your doctor can come up with a health care plan for your personal needs.

• Become Active

It is no surprise that exercise and being active is very important to your health. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes should try to get more active in their everyday life to improve their health.

Regular exercise can contribute to an improved cardiovascular system as well as making stress easier to deal with. You will be surprised how easy it is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine – even walking for one hour a day can drastically improve your health.

• Eat Better

Just like exercise, eating the right kind of foods is so important to your health. Many women believe that eating better simply means eating less, as this is the classic route to weight loss. However, when we are trying to take care of our health, this is not suitable.

Eating more of the right kind of foods is so important to your health, so make sure that you have a balance of fruits, vegetables, and proteins in your diet as well as carbohydrates and fats.

• Natural Vaginal Treatments

Vaginas are an important part of women’s health, and this is the one area that we seem to forget about. Vaginas are sensitive parts of the body that can be irritated or infected easily. This means that the kind of products or treatments that you use on your vagina should be natural.

Products like the Amaira Vaginal Tightening Gel, which is made from natural plant extracts, are safe to use on your vagina. This is a gel that can drastically improve the shape and feel of your vagina, as well as working to combat vaginal infections. This V-Tight Gel contains witch hazel extract which is an astringent that actively fights infections. We have another review of V-tight gel.

Regular application of Amaira Gel can improve your vaginal health and make you feel better about yourself. It is so important that when taking care of your vagina, you only use natural and approved ingredients, as these are less likely to impact the healthy bacteria that is present in the vagina and avoid infections.



Women typically spend more time worrying about other people, rather than taking care of themselves. This is something that needs to change in 2019, and we need to put our own health first.